25 October 2011

The Virtual Stylist: Ensemble For A Crisp Fall Afternoon Stroll

The Virtual Stylist: Ensemble For A Crisp Fall Afternoon

"Sweet On Stripes" Dress $164.99 ModCloth

Faux-Fur Coat $192 Style369.com

Bow & Stitching Band Cloche Hat $38.99 e4Hats.com

"Taboo" Platform Oxford $71.88 ASOS

"Bellevaux" Fingerless Gloves $125 Kate Spade

Leather Buckle-Detail Satchel Warehouse $125.79 asos

24 October 2011

The Virtual Stylist: Mad For Plaid

Work takes me a away for the week, but I put together a daily ensemble for the week for y'all to enjoy!!!
The Virtual Stylist: Mad For Plaid

Wool-Blend V-Neck Sweater
Regularly: $36.94 Sale $34.50 Old Navy

"Riverside Park" Coat $144.99 ModCloth

Skinny Pants DKNYC $99 Bloomingdales

"Gilda" Pump Plenty by Tracy Reese $149.95 Nordstrom

Skull Flower Ring Alexander McQueen $345 Zappos Couture

Scorpion Brooch $30 Topshop

"Rose-Mimi" Cross-Body Bag Latico $99 Amazon

17 October 2011

The Virtual Stylist: Le Smoking Revisted

The Virtual Stylist: LeSmoking

Long & Lean Ribbed Cotton Tank $12.99 Pacific Plex

Black Satin-Collar Tuxedo Blazer $63 Dorothy Perkins

Crepe Ankle Pants Eileen Fisher $178 Nordstrom

Black Diamond Earrings $295 Ice

Clutch Sandra Roberts Lori's Shoes

"Tuxbow" Pump Stuart Weitzman $345 Nordstrom

14 October 2011

Fall2011 Trend Alert: Yves Klein Blue

Yves Klein Blue (also known as International Klein Blue) is a hue that was created by the French painter and used in a series of his pieces that used IKB as the focal point. IKB is everywhere for Fall 2011; it's a great punch of color when paired with one of the other hot shade of the season: gray.

Pleated Swing Coat $130.95 asos
Lace-Up Suede Flat Shoe Made in England $236 asos

Suede Stand-Collar Jacket Jones New York $409 Bloomingdales
Velvet Frame Bag $56 Topshop

Shirred Faux Wrap Dress Love Ady $88 Bloomingdales

"Joan" Faux-Fur Trim Hooded Anorak Lauren by Ralph Lauren $339 Bloomingdales

"Visual" Suede Heel Jeffery Campbell $152.99 ModCloth

Aidan Mattox Embellished One-Shoulder Gown $295 Bloomingdales

"Mixxy" Wedge Betsey Johnson $139 Macy's

12 October 2011

We Finally Meet Chelsea Settles

Before I delve into my thoughts on the show, I have to say Chelsea Settles' face is like the sun....warm, bright, beautiful. When she smiles or has a genuine laugh (not that the nervous laugh we hear when she faces an uncomfortable topic), she is something to behold.

In last night's premiere episode, we get a glimpse into Chelsea Settles' world which consists of taking care of her ailing mother - a diabetic who is in need of a kidney transplant - while working and attending school.

Initially I was pretty pissed that the producers felt it necessary to shoot Chelsea "shame eating" in her car. My thought was, here we go into "circus-freak territory". But I am hoping that the producers will take the high road by delving deeper into how food soothes her like a drug (which is common for many people), as shown when she eats a candy bar at school and a feeling of calm washes over her.

Her doctor tells her that she is morbidly obese and she should only consume 1200 calories a day. Why the doctor didn't set her up with a nutritionist I'll never know. He's asking her to make a drastic change in her life without the proper skills to attain success. I guess it's makes for more interesting television if we watch her wander around the supermarket without a clue as to how find food that is both nutritious and satisfying. She joins a gym and we can feel her sense of happiness and accomplishment when she get through a strenuous workout.

We follow her as she picks up her long distance boyfriend from the airport. He's in basic training out of state, and wants her to move in with him get married, and pop out some babies. Oh and he cheated on her, but he's trying to to the right thing by asking her to marry him. Oh and he's not supportive of her dreams and goals. Oh and he has to remind her that she's gonna be uncomfortable in the City of Angels 'cuz you know.....ummmm she's fat. A keeper that one is.

More humiliation comes her way as she is literally pushed aside at a club while thinner women are admitted without a hassle, then taunted about her size in the parking lot when she leaves the club - specifically the entrance of the club - in shame.

In true reality show fashion, Chelsea finds a really cute place in Venice Beach over the internets, and her new roommate is sooooooo boho cool....cuz' finding cute house in a hip city sight unseen happens that easily.

Chelsea is a plucky lass and it's impossible not to like her. I'm hoping along her journey she finds her lady cojones. Will she find happiness in a the City of Dreams, a place that is a state of mind? We shall see.

Chelsea Settles MTV, Tuesday 11/10c

07 October 2011

Dame With Moxie: Anita Riot

I'm pleased to announce that this is the first installment of a little something I call "Dame With Moxie". I wanted to create a forum to discuss and celebrate the fabulous style of gorgeous stacked women everywhere.

This week's DWM is Anita Riot who blogs at Thick Threads. What I love so much about Anita is how in-your-face she is with her fashion choices....which shouldn't come as a surprise when talking about someone named Anita Riot! I asked Ms. Riot to describe her fashion philosophy.

"I’m not really sure how to describe my style, it kind of goes with my mood; it's a way for me to express myself, it's art you can wear. I don’t really follow any sort of trends, or maybe I do and I just don’t know it yet. You can spill out your whole philosophy on one outfit. I think some people take style way too seriously when we should really all have a sense of humor about it and enjoy the freedom of it."

Why did you start writing a blog?

"I mainly just wanted to be part of the body positivity and plus size fashion revolution. I think it's safe to say that most women have had enough of the "Thin-Terror" that surrounded us. So along with so many other women I hope to make a change one day, and definitely go out in style while doing so. I just wanted to be part of the body positivity and plus size fashion revolution."

Anita's favorite shopping spots

"I don’t have a specific favorite shop, I shop where ever the wind takes me. I usually browse around until something interests me, and if I buy it then the day was a success! Discovering new stores and boutiques is kind of a hobby, otherwise things get too monotonous for me and that speaks against my short attention span!"

"Being plus sized means you do have to go back to certain stores that carry the sizes more often because sometimes you don’t find anything anywhere else. Which I don’t understand, Why should there be a separation of size and style in a store? Hm, but let’s hope that changes one day." From her mouth to the shopping goddess' ear.