30 September 2011

Fall2011 Trend Alert: Colored Denim

Purple Skinny Jean $64.03 asos

Mustard Skinny Jean $64.03 asos

Jet Black Skinny Jean $54.89 asos

Colbalt Skinny Jean $64.03 asos

Red Skinny Jean $64.03 asos

28 September 2011

JPC (Just Plain Cute): Adorable Dresses At Ruche

"Hidden Love" One-Shoulder Dress $36.99 Ruche

"Wrapped In The Night" Dress $39.99 Ruche

27 September 2011

Nancy Upton On The Today Show

American Apparel model search winner-then-loser Nancy Upton was on the Today Show discussing what made her decide to enter the contest and the direction her life has taken since entering AA's "Next Big Thing" contest. As always, Nancy took the high road.

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26 September 2011

Just As You Are

The concept behind the new online store "Just As You Are" is to produce clothes that actually fit. Plug your measurements into the "fit matching system" and...voila, a garment that is created to compliment you your stacked frame. As someone who is 5'11", nothing makes me happier than wearing a tops that cover my wrists and bottoms that don't look like I'm waiting for the Great Flood. To the clever minds behind JAYA, I just want to say...thank you.

"Arizona" $179 Just As You Are (vegan friendly)

"Accra" $159 Just As You Are

"Angola" $219 Just As You Are

"Albany" $169 Just As You Are

"Alabama" $169 Just As You Are (vegan friendly)

23 September 2011

The Best Of London Fashion Week: Spring RTW2012






22 September 2011

Milan Spring2012 RTW: Gucci

There was a serious flapper vibe on the runway at Gucci. Maybe that was no coincidence; the fashion house turned 90 this year. Black, bronze and white were the dominate colors with hits of navy and green.