06 September 2011

SHE by Cindy

As many of you already know, I love all things vintage. I have discovered a new-found treasure that I want to share. SHE by Cindy not only offers great vintage-inspired pieces, any piece can be made in sizes to fit the curvy woman. As Cindy told me: "I make all sizes; there's no limit.". Well said Cindy.

"Lauren" $135 SHE by Cindy

"Joanna" $140 SHE by Cindy

"Lisa" $132 SHE by Cindy

....and a couple of cute contemporary numbers:

"Kate" $125 SHE by Cindy

"Kelly" $130 SHE by Cindy


gypsywoman35 said...

Oh now these dresses are gorgeous. Love the colors and the design would hug the curves of my body. Delicious!

Thick Threads said...

oh wow! love her crations. thanks for sharing this.