01 December 2010

World AIDS Day

Today is World Aids Day, a day to raise awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS, and to remember those who have succumbed to the disease. While people are living longer as a result of medical advances, there is still a long way to go eradicate this disease. Educate yourself and be safe.

"Viva Glam Cyndi" $14.50 MAC Cosmetics

"Viva Glam Gaga" $14.50 Mac Cosmetics

Created in 1994, the MAC AIDS fund serves people of all races and sexes affected by AIDS. The cornerstone of the MAC AIDS Fund are the Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glosses. Every cent of the sale of Viva Glam products go to raising money for AIDS awareness.

Here are a few things $14.50 - the cost of Viva Glam Lipstick and Lipglass - pays for:

1 Month of public transportation for a woman to travel to and from doctors' appointments.

1 HIV prevention workshop conducted by a peer health educator.

8 Individually tailored nutritious home-cooked meals.

1 Pair of school shoes for a child orphaned by AIDS.

1 Counseling session for an HIV + women.

Past spokespeople include:


Lil' Kim & Mary J. Blige

Boy George

Dita VonTeese

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