24 March 2011

Dame Elizabeth Taylor And That White Slip

There are a smibillion (yes a smibillion) images of Elizabeth Taylor, and she looks fabulous in all of them; was it possible for her to take a bad picture? Of the many thousands of images of Dame Elizabeth, my favorite is and will always be those of her in that iconic white slip as Maggie the Cat in the movie, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. After watching the movie for the first time, I made a promise to myself that I would own a slip like that of Maggie’s.

On its face, the movie doesn’t make much sense; the writers' omitted the fact that Brick was pining for his former college football teammate which is why he doesn’t bat an eye as Maggie slinks around in that slip that hugs her every curve and looks as though it was sewn right on to her body (darting and constructing it as though it were a dress helped achieve that effect). The lady had body....and diamonds....and husbands....but I digress.

She was balls to the wall. She had a beautiful face and lived a glamourous life for sure - she was also a savvy businesswoman - but most importantly she had courage. She unapologetically lived life on her own terms and was unafraid to stand up when no one else would; she gave the fight for AIDS funding a powerful voice, and worked tirelessly to to spread awareness of the disease even when President Reagan chose ignore it’s impact on the gay community. She was a Dame (and a dame) and she will be missed....what a woman.

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maison21 said...

she will always be remembered for the good works she did for aids.

RIP liz.