10 April 2012

Slink: The Online Mag That Features Only Stacked Models Now On The Newsstands

Last year Rivkie Baum launched Slink, an online magazine geared towards women sizes 10 and up. Slink is now available on the newsstands. Because she doesn't allow 'straight' models (industry speak for models size 10 and under), Rivkie will use illustrations that will allow readers to see how fresh off-the-catwalk trends would look on a curvier woman.

Rivkie has been frustrated with the way the industry treats women over a size 10 since her days studying design at the London School of Design. ‘We would cut patterns using a standard block, which was a small size ten. In four years of study, do you want to know how long we spent learning to make a pattern to make a garment that would fit a woman above a size ten? One afternoon.’

If you want a mag that is full of ads for diets and plastic surgery, Slink is not for you...those types of ads are banned as well.

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