06 June 2011

Dame Vivienne Westwood + Palladium Alliance International = The "Get A Life" Collection

In the course of a day I come across lots and lots of pretty, sparkly things; once in a blue moon I come across something that leaves me speechless (not an easy feat, mind you).

For several months my latest obsession for the Pagan Heart Necklace from the "Get A Life" collection only grows stronger. This collection is a collaboration between Dame Vivienne Westwood (she was awarded the DBE in 2006) and the Palladium Alliance International. The ever-so-lovely Christina Hendricks is the face of the collection.

Design details of the Get A Life collection are closely guarded, but it will include: rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. The pieces are inspired by oak trees, hearts and acorns which symbolized strength, luck, power and change in many ancient European civilizations.

To say that I am not normally a fan of heart themed jewelry is an understatement, but the design of the off-kilter heart (isn't that how love makes you feel?), with an inscription from Gaia (Earth Mother) speaks to me. I would expect nothing less from a designer whose ideas stem from anarchy and subversion; a woman who was on the forefront of the punk movement and helped usher in the post-punk period of the New Romantics.

The Couture Collection will be available any day in Vivienne Westwood boutiques. Pieces from the retail collection range from $445 - $900. The Couture Collection is made to order and prices are available upon request.

Oak Leaf Tiara

Oak Leaf Brooch

Acorn Earrings

"Get A Life" Cuff

"Do It Yourself" Earrings

Orb Pendant & Earrings

Orb Ring

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