02 June 2011

Maxi Dresses For The Vertically Blessed

I was on the Twitters a few nights ago, when I came across @thebiggirlblog who was tweeting that finding a maxi dress for the "vertically blessed" (she's 5'10') can be daunting; she is sooooo on point, the drama is lost when the frock stops at the ankles. Then @angeliqueinc was all, "that's what I struggle with!" and @elsasdream was like, "right there with you babe" and then @lizzieonthespot chimed in with, "I long for the day when I can wear a maxi dress that actually falls below my ankles."

I've found a several dresses that may fit the bill; I love that the these retailers list the length of their dresses...it's a little thing that's a huge help when shopping online.
eShakti will lengthen the dress of your choice for for an additional $7.50 (and new customers save $20 of their first order!!!). Take a gander at more options from my 4.4.11 post.

Smocked Gauze Peasant Dress
(37" inches from the waist) $50 - $64 Spiegel

Print Maxi Dress (58 inches long)
Regularly: $89 Sale: $79 LongElegantLegs

Maxi Dress w/Beading (60inches long)
$74.99 - $84.99 JessicaLondon

Silk Cotton Ruffled Halter Dress $114.95
(+7.50 for custom sizing) eShakti

The LEL Maxi Dress (58 inches long)
Regularly: $89 Sale: $79 LongElegantLegs

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