09 June 2011

Eyewear At TOMS Shoes

I love a shiny, glittery, sparkly shoe...I am a glitter-holic...there, I've said it....I have just come out of the shiny, glittery, sparkly shoe closet. Last year I bought the TOMS glitter shoe in silver (I love them ever so much) and I just ordered a pair in black. Initially I had planned on writing solely (sorry, couldn't help it) about TOMS glittery, sparkly shoes; then I got the news that this ever-so-cool company that gives away a pair of shoes for every pair that is sold is now selling eyewear. TOMS has partnered with the Seva Foundation (seva means sight in Sanskrit), which is the company's first Sight Giving Partner. The motto behind the eyewear program is "that one person buys and one person is helped." The help would take the form of surgery, glasses or medical treatment. What's not to love about ethical retail?

Classic 101 $135 TOMS

Black Women's Glitters
Black Glitters $54 Tom's

Pink Women's Glitters
Pink Women's Glitters $54 TOMS

TOMS Shoes Women's Silver Glitters
Silver Glitters $54 TOMS

Pink Women's Glitters
Lavender Glitters $54 TOMS

TOMS Shoes Women's Gold Glitters
Gold Glitters $54 TOMS

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Thick Threads said...

wow that is pretty awesome. and glitter rules! who doesn't love it?
Thanks for adding me to the blog roll! thats really cool of you i appreciate it! Youre on my link list as of now too! :)